My Thankful Heart

I don’t think there’s a more grateful guy in all of SE Wisconsin today.

God has answered my prayers and the prayers of family & scores of friends. We received the call yesterday that Calvary Memorial Church in Gering, Nebraska had voted after church on Sunday morning —an overwhelming majority— and I was invited to join their ministry team as Associate Pastor.

During the afternoon I listened carefully to my heart, the words and sentiments of those closest to me, Brenda especially, and made sure God had confirmed everything in my thinking.  When I knew I had no mis-givings, no second-thoughts, peace about the decision, I called Pastor Gary Hashley.  “You’ve got a new associate!”

I’m so thankful, especially when I remember how many I know who are out of work, whose primary job has become looking for one, who wonder how they’re going to make ends meet when reserves run dry.

More detail will follow as the days and weeks progress and as the time draws closer for us to relocate.  There are some busy weeks coming; I’m bracing myself for the rush.

Today, though, I’m thankful.  Just thankful:

  • For a God Who knows. And Loves. Forgives.  Heals. Builds.  Leads. And Guides – flawlessly.  A God of detail and perfect timing.
  • For a wife who stands by me,  prays for and believes in me even when there are tons of questions in view and no  answers.
  • For kids and kids-in-law who watch with interest, pray like crazy, and give God the room to be God, even when He scripts things differently than they would.
  • For a mom and parents in-law who put feet to their faith and held us up through this transition, listened to me dream, watched my plans change -and again- and believed in me while they prayed for us – every day.
  • For siblings who wanted to know the details so they could pray in detail, and did.  Do.  Will.
  • For two guys, one on my right, one on my left, who listen, advise, help me think, and walk through life with me when I’d just as soon walk around the difficult parts.
  • For friends and colleagues who pray and encourage, who draw the best out of me, make me smile even when I’m about out of smiles, and celebrate the victories with me – including this one.
  • For our church here – Spring Creek Church – that said “Serve as long as you’re here.  We need you.”  while giving God the freedom to call the plays.   Worship Ministries and our life group, Joint Heirs, have been wonderfully accepting and supportive.  What’s the body of Christ in action look like?   Like THAT!!
  • For a church out west that remembers how God worked when we were there before, believes the results this next go ’round could be even greater than last time,  and voted  “Aye” yesterday afternoon.

These two words I’m using a lot lately hardly seem up to the task, but they’re the best I know:


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