Mother’s Day

Today is Mothers Day and I want to tell the world how grateful I am for my mom. (I told the Lord so first thing this morning).

I know I was the one that made it necessary to cut her long, beautiful hair. As a baby I had a way of clutching and pulling so she eventually cut it shorter so I didn’t cause so many problems.

I know I’ve made her nervous more than a few times. One day she answered a knock at the door and found a stranger there, me at his side. “Is this your boy?” he asked. When Mom confirmed that I was indeed hers he handed me over to her. “He was riding his trike to town,” he said. He doubted I had Mom’s permission so brought me and my tricycle home. Mom thanked him and brought me inside. I do believe there repercussions for that little stunt. There were plenty of times her eyes widened, “you what?!”

I know I’ve made her happy. Lots of laughter, boyhood antics, friends who get the giggles at the worst possible time. Expressions of kindness and more good-brother thinking as I grew out of childhood selfishness.

I know I’ve made her shake her head in disbelief; a fall and fat lip the night before being a ring-bearer at some friends’ wedding. Burns and blisters on all five fingers from spilling homemade toffee at the neighbor’s across the street – and he wasn’t supposed to have company, his parents were both working. The Saturday morning car-bicycle collision I didn’t bother to mention until the driver of the car knocked on our door and asked if I was OK.

I know I’ve made her cry with inconsiderate childhood stubbornness, poor choices, disappointments, hopefully not too many – but I have.

I know I’ve made her proud. My appreciation for producing good music. Effective ministry. A loving family of my own. Writing things that touch people’s hearts. Excellence. Stepping up to the task when Dad took sick and passed away less than a month later. I will never forget the moment she looked me in the eye and asked if I would lead his memorial service. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but Mom’s belief in my ability to come through, her asking me to take the reins is perhaps my highest honor in life thus far.

I know I bring her a smile today, though we’re several states apart. Good news from the North, a family that loves and is serving God, walking in truth.

I’m sure she had no idea, the day this snap-shot was taken, of all that life would bring her way as a mom. But she’s been up for it.

Trusting in God and drawing on His strength one day at a time, she’s done well – is doing well.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I hope today -and every day- brings you a gentle smile. God has been good to you.

And He’s been good to me – through you.

Much Love,

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  1. SLW

    Thanks, Phil. You are so right. God has been and is being very good to me. There are wonderful times and memories that come from being a mother and one of those delights is the son that you are.

    I think you must have been born with a ballpoint pen in your hand. If you weren’t taking one apart to see how it was put together, you were using one to mark on everything in sight, including my Bible, my high school annuals, and every spot on your athletic shoes that could use a blue line. And even now, there is a pen in your hand.

    You were a kind and helpful brother to your two younger sisters during your school years and that always makes a mother happy.

    I am thankful that God has taken the efforts of a young couple to train up their children according to Scriptural principles and turned those efforts into three adult children who love Him and whose hearts’ desire is to live for Him and to serve Him.

    Indeed, God is good! …Mom

  2. Jonell

    Phil ~

    Okay, how can your youngest sister, who shares the same wonderful Mom not respond to this entry? 🙂

    You’re right, we have a wonderful Mom. I can’t thank her enough for the time she spent with me, training me to follow God and His ways. She desires to this day to be the right kind of parent, the right kind of spouse, and the right kind of person, choosing to develop a gentle, quiet spirit and make her steps follow God and His ways.

    You may remember when I was little, I used to cuddle up to Mom and say, “You’re so nice and soft and warm.” And that little saying is still a little joke between us … and is included in a Mother’s Day card now and then. 🙂

    Thanks Phil for this precious post!
    Thanks Mom for everything!
    ~ Jonell

  3. Jonell

    One more thought … above all things … I am grateful most of all for my Mom teaching me about Jesus. Without Jesus in my heart, and the godly training I received, I wouldn’t be the girl I am, walking with the Lord today.


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