Monday’s Grateful Heart

…firmly rooted

…being built up in Him

…established in your faith

…overflowing with gratitude.

(from Col. 2.7)

Last week “blessed1” challenged us to list for for seven straight days the things we’re thankful for and post our lists out in the open where others can look in and read.

I smiled to myself, because gratitude flows freely through my pen. I’m glad for that; it’s not always been so. I remember one of the guys in my house-turned-dorm in Grand Rapids, Krag Johnson, had a way of thanking God for things we often overlook; little things we’d sorely miss if God said “No one’s noticing, let’s not do that any more.”

I began connecting life’s detail with a steady flow of gratitude and it unlatched a whole new venue in prayer for me. Frequent God-sightings, large and small, make it easy. But the world we live in is anything but grateful, especially if you spend a lot of time watching the news. So this will be good for those of us who participate:

  • I’m thankful today for forgiveness. For salvation. Peter’s probably tired of me hanging around, looking over his shoulder, borrowing his glasses all week, but I am. I’m thankful for forgiveness and Christ’s life in me. Being immersed in it all last week, it’s the first thing that comes to mind.
  • I’m thankful for a heart, eyelids and swallower that do their jobs without my constantly telling them to.
  • I’m thankful the Lord nudged me this morning when my alarm didn’t go off -“Better get goin’ Mister, it’s Monday and you’ve work to do”.
  • Thanks, Lord, for the changing of the seasons. When I remember that Christ Jesus is the sustainer of all, my appreciation for the Triune God’s attention to detail comes right to the surface.
  • I’m thankful for my family. My wife’s folks were here for the weekend, our daughter came over and cell phone technology put us in touch with our son. I’m in frequent contact with my Mom and sisters. You know … I’m glad the family was the first organization God put in place.
  • I’m thankful for music’s role in worship.
  • I’m thankful for skillful teaching of the Word in clear, understandable terms, reaching the inquirer, nurturing those new to the faith and challenging us lifers. (Thank you, Chip!)
  • I’m thankful for our neat old house – it turns 100 years old this year and is looking really good.
  • I’m thankful for cars that don’t complain.

…. that’s from Monday morning, a running list as I went about my duties. Naturally I’ll notice more this afternoon, and will whisper a silent “Thanks, God” for each; I don’t need to bore you with all of it though, you get the idea.

5 Replies to “Monday’s Grateful Heart”

  1. Jonell


    Since I work in an optometric office, I know that Peter’s been wanting his glasses back. He came in asking if we had a pair of reading glasses to get him through until you returned his glasses. 🙂 He mentioned that he hoped you would be able to see what he saw through those glasses cuz he wanted you to experience walking with Jesus as he did and so that you could grow and also so he could have ’em back. He knew you wouldn’t be able to see things from HIS perspective if you used YOUR glasses, so he was willing to loan his to you for the week.

    Thanks for sharing from your heart this last week and allowing us to grow and learn from the days Jesus walked on earth! In some ways I want to call it the Resurrection story, but it is soooo much more than a story … it is real life-changing events that happened.

    Yes, there are lots of things I’m thankful for too! My list is waay too long. But then again a list can never be too long when it is a list of things for which we are grateful! 🙂


  2. Phil


    Oh you make me laugh! That’s taking and using a good imagination, Jonell – I can just see him leaning over the counter, working toward a solution with you because I’ve inconvenienced him. Too Funny!

    Smiling – & scribbling one more thing on today’s list:
    – Jonell’s sense of humor.


  3. Jared

    Hey Pa’,

    Tell everyone I miss them, can’t wait to get home for the summer. Life is getting so busy, and I’m often on the edge of having to do three things at once (meaning meetings and ensembles and rehearsals). hehehe teach me to not say no for a semester.

    I have a lot to talk to you about, and I need prayers because as I start making decisions for my life that lead me to ministry the adversary is perking his mule ears up and pointing new challenges my way.

    A few things that have been challenging me as of late
    1. Sloth and busyness, hehehe strange dichotomy of problems, but i often don’t want to do what i need to, and then otherwise I’m so busy that i don’t leave time for me and God.
    2. Spiritual warfare, been getting some strange presences around my room and my apartment. Mainly messing with my and my roommates sleeping, of which we need all we can get.
    3. Homesickness, with the lack of seeing my amazing family my heart is growing slightly weary. so just that the kinship that i miss will be filled by God.

    …and i just realized i wrote this on a bulletin board, HA, ok so thank you to whoever reads this and prays.


  4. Bethany

    I just did buddy… and you better be homesick. I’ll remind you when you are acting like PJ and jumping at the door to go back to school at the end of summer. 😉


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