May I Introduce …

Friends & Family, I’ve exciting news!

There’s a new blog here on WordPress – The Dramaqween Pastors Kid – it’s my daughter’s!

God has blessed Bethany with insight beyond her years, a contagious laugh, more than her fair share of life and energy, and a heart as big as all outdoors. She has a special place in her heart for kids who grow up in the parsonage, because that’s where she grew up.

We call the preacher’s kids or pastor’s kids “PK’s“, and God has given Bethany a special burden for PK’s everywhere. Naturally, you can’t touch a PK’s life without also influencing the lives that kid’s life touches (kind of like the rings and ripples you see when you drop a rock in a puddle, you know?) so while that’s the focus of her blog and the book she’s writing, her life and ministry touches more than just PK’s.  I hope she touches and encourages you!

Her place is brand new (the ink’s not even dry on the first page!) but I want to introduce you to her and her new blog. Get ready to laugh, to cry, to be called to pray, to re-think your perceptions of the preacher’s kids. This girl calls ’em the way they are, folks! Add her to your blogroll and your friend-surfer and get ready. Life is never dull around her. Never.

Hey, everybody, say ‘HI’ to Bethany!

God bless you, young lady!


2 Replies to “May I Introduce …”

  1. dramaqweenpk

    Thanks dad! Your fabulous. We will shall see what God does with this. I’m going to be looking into publishers tomorrow like you told me to, if you or anyone has suggestions…. let me know. 🙂

    Love you!

  2. Jonell


    Great job! I checked out your site! Patience seems to be a virtue here. It starts slow, and then before long, you’ve got faithful readers, and even a few who dare to comment! I’ll be watching for those funny stories and for what God is doing in your life!


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