K-9 Christmas Pageant Wannabe’s

PJ - Sophie    Watching

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks by night.   Luke 2.8

Ummm it says “Shepherds”, not “sheep-dogs” –  which you’re not.

And it says “at night”.   Look at the sky, you guys. 

Nice try, though,  you’ve got the “keeping watch” part down pat.

Sophie  (left)  and PJ (right)  at the “grand-parents”  –if dogs can have grandparents— Sunday Morning, Dec. 10th.

2 Replies to “K-9 Christmas Pageant Wannabe’s”

  1. Dave P

    Seriously, if you think about it. Some christians will only do things they have to do if they are comfortable. Can you imagine if it was cold outside the night Christ was born? The shepherds decided to stay indoors because it was cold out. Would they have seen the star? I am sure they would have heard the choir of angels. We should anxiously antiscipate Christ’s return as the dogs are antiscipating someone else’s return. I unfortunately am not that excited 100% of the time waiting for His return. Thanks for reminding me of an important truth!!

  2. Phil

    Good point, Dave! I wasn’t thinking as much about his 2nd advent, but you’re exactly right. We’re to watch expectantly!

    Several times through the years the churches I’ve been with have hosted the Handbell Choir from Shepherd’s Home in Union Grove, Wisconsin. One of the daily chores / responsibilities assigned to residents there is washing handprints, nose and face smudges from the front windows. It’s rather common there for someone to turn from peering out the front window and greet you with a smile, “JESUS is coming!”

    Would that we were so expectant! Good thought – thanks!


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