Just Between Us Men

We crave companionship,


and friendship 

in our marriages,

don’t we, men?


Here are some thoughts to ponder

I frequently quote Howard Hendricks’ adage

“When you have half an hour to read,  read fifteen and think fifteen.

You’ll get more out of it.”  

This article is good for me; I’ve read it several times and will again. 

Read – and think. 

Then look for your next chance to act on what you find here.

5 Replies to “Just Between Us Men”

  1. Grits n' Grace

    I needed this today, Phil. I’ve been feeling like me and my wife just haven’t been able to be together even when we’re together; just as the article stated. Time is indeed fleeting and, with God’s help, we will heed the advice. In fact, I’m going to call her now, tell her how much I miss her and make a date.

    God bless you,

  2. Phil

    Glad it found a responsive chord in your heart too, David; it’s easy for us to get going through life so fast we trip over our own momentum, isn’t it?

    Good move – acting on something you observe! I hope it’s a great date!!


  3. Grits n' Grace

    You know what they say about good intentions…I called her and she reminded me of a Men’s Group commitment I had made. See…so busy I didn’t know what day it was!

    But, we are going to have some “just us” time this weekend.



  4. klampert

    I second grits thoughts…It’s amazing how wrapped up with everything I can be and then the day comes and goes and I haven;t had a real talk with my wife. I am usually ok with this, but to me the hardest thing is praying with my wife consistently.

    Don’t know why I haven’t done it yet cus i read you everyday, but i added you to my links

  5. Phil

    Thanks, men.

    It’s true what they say – “the important things get done – and what we do indicate what’s important”

    Thanks for adding me in, klampert – looking forward to encouraging each other in the faith; society has the current flowing the other way.

    Phil —

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