This week has been quite the month!

Not in the way comedians say about towns that didn’t impress them, “I spent a week there one night”. This week was one of those where you look back and can’t believe all that’s happened in just the last five or six days. This morning feels like when you look back down the hill you just climbed and realize “that was steeper than I thought!”.

I wrote on the white board on the fridge this morning





Lord, I want to thank You for your sustenance this week. For safety in all the miles traveled. For a car that behaved itself away from home. For clarity of thought. For patience with people when I didn’t have much of my own (some of them were drivers I shared the asphalt with for a few miles). For ministry experience that helped me with perspective on several things as the week flew by.

I believe it was Andrew Murray who found it useful to pray three-word prayers throughout his day. (Sometimes that’s all the time we have.) He would identify what he needed from the Lord at that point in time and simply ask for it: Your peace, Lord. Your comfort, Lord. Your rest, Lord. and so on. There are times to slow down, stop, and spend some quiet hours with the Lord in prayer. But there are others when you pray on the run – or on the fly. The key for those times is hanging on the nail tagged Isaiah 40.31:

They that wait upon the Lord
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings like eagles
they shall run and not be weary
and they shall walk and not faint.

(and the gospel chorus adds)

Teach me, Lord, Teach me, Lord, to wait.

It’s a great truth, especially when you see it happen right there in the mirror!

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