Is It Spring Yet?

My Sister, Vonnie, writes a weekly newsletter for families who home-school. This most recent edition brought a smile and she’s given permission to share it here. I think you’ll appreciate her outlook on life. If you’d like to be added to her distribution list please mention so in your comment; I’ll make sure your request reaches her. Don’t include your e-mail address, spammers love it when they find them out in the open. I can retrieve it from your post.



Is it Spring Yet?

The red robins held a flock meeting in our back yard last Saturday. Little bodies of black and red covered what should have been the lawn. A sense of confusion reigned. A bright-breasted robin stood as leader. “You all remember hearing of my meeting with Mr. Wren last January. He told me that spring had come here in Maine. There was no snow here, and the only precipitation was rain. Therefore, we left on our migration route a little early, and arrived here in February. Some of you came to me in confusion after our landing, because there was snow on nearly every inch of ground! It had been reported to be clear! Hunting for worms was a major effort, due to the blanket of snow. Thankfully, the ground wasn’t really frozen underneath, and as the dirt soaked up the heat from the sun, the snow melted, and we were able to find food.”

Then another robin stepped up, (he seemed to be second-in-command). “March came in like a lamb, and we ate well the entire month. Building nests was not difficult, due to the warmer weather. We all believed spring had finally arrived in Maine!”

At those words, “We all believed,” the flock began to twitter and flutter among themselves. They were clearly disturbed.

“May I have your attention?”, the leader called out. The flock quickly quieted. “I know the human calendar says it’s April now. Yesterday was Good Friday; tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Yet, March came in like a lamb and left as a lion, and we all admit that we’re standing in a few inches of snow as we meet! But I challenge you to remember that the God who made us will care for us. He has promised to do so. He will meet our needs just as He meets the needs of each creature He has created. Let’s not fail Him now! Continue to praise Him with your songs, even though you don’t understand what He’s doing around you. God will take care of us in the way He knows is best.”

“Let’s join in a song of praise to our God!” called the second-in-command.

What a thrill it was to hear their song. Made me want to sing too!



© 4/12/2007, Vonnie Green – not to be sold. Thank you

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  1. Jonell


    This story was awesome. I thought it was so creative. No wonder you are such a good mom and homeschool mom! With stories like this, school must be so much fun at your house.

    What a great reminder to all of us to be thankful for what God sends our way even if we don’t understand and also to remember that we serve a God who is always in control of all things!

    Your sis,
    ~ Jonell

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