Chocolate Milk, Desire & Divine Love

My Milk Chocolate

Is Chocolate Milk addictive, or is it just me?  I love chocolate milk, but reading the side panel on a half-pint container makes me nervous:

220 calories – 80 of them from fat!

Still I can gulp the the whole thing down in  -like-  seconds and reach for another!  I think I’m in trouble.

Phil —

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  1. Phil

    Was just thinking…

    Riches are this way too.
    and pleasure.
    I know people who feel this way about sleep!

    Maybe that’s why Jesus was so inclusive when He said “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” (Matthew 22.37) He knows how prone we are to wander.

    Something I’m thinking about today.

  2. diana

    I love chocolate milk. Nothing is as addictive as chocolate milk not even the things you named above… lol.

    You know, Jesus’ love can be just as addictive and even more. We just set such low targets for ourselves. What is chocolate milk or anything else next to God’s love? We are not as prone to wander as we are prone to underestimating his awesomeness, I think.

    [Right now I admit I am craving chocolate milk lol but it’s midnight I will (try to) gracefully accept that it is probably someone else’s turn right now.]

    Btw there are different kinds of chocolate milks, all are nice but Bournvita-style (sweeter) is more addictive than Milo-style imo. I’m a sugar drinker.

    I’m still grinning about the subject of this post, and I just noticed your theme is done by… vanillamist? I would have expected chocolatemist.

    Have a great day!

  3. Phil

    Oh-Good. I thought it was just me.

    I like your thought of God’s love being as “compelling” (can I use that term instead of addictive?) as those things – only more-so. You’re exactly right.

    😀 Vanillamist – yup, though I hadn’t noticed the connection. Probably cuz’ chocolate gets me in trouble.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by! There ARE more serious posts here, honest.


  4. diana

    Yep- I read some of your old posts and enjoyed reading them. Also enjoyed the photos you’ve posted. I will come back often now I hope! Glad to have met you 🙂

    I love the word “compelling”. Yep it’s a great word for God’s love!


  5. Austin

    Maybe it’s not so much chocolate milk as chocolate itself. I swear I could smell chocolate the other day and there was none around….oh but I could smell it.

    I have to agree with Phil though because I know a girl that loves nothing more than to sleep. My goodness I’ve never seen someone who actually likes to sleep as much as her. Would you like to take a nap I’d say? Her head would hit the pillow before the end of my sentence. I’ve never seen it before, never. The girl sleeps more than anyone I know. I just don’t understand. I for one should have been in bed hours ago but nope, I’m blog hopping.


  6. Jonell


    Just a curiousity question … and yes, I know curiosity killed the cat … but I gotta ask anyway. 🙂 In post #3 – you thanked Diana for the use of the word compelling … but as I look back at her post (#2) I don’t see the word compelling anywhere there … I’m just curious … ???


  7. Phil

    Good eyes, Jonell!

    “compelling” is my word for Diana’s thoughts about God being even more desirable than all those things I listed (first part of her 2nd paragraph). I’d rather think of God as being compelling than addictive, though compelling may not be the best word a person could find, either.

    Are you always this wide awake? 😀


  8. diana

    I’m sleepy. Interesting conversation though~ lol. Austin, I know an Aussie guy who would say that exact same thing about a girl he knows who sleeps a lot… (ME! lol). Do aussies just notice sleepyheads more than other people? lol

    Jonell, I am a curious person too I am glad I am not a cat. But I hear you are a wide awake person (from comment #7!) do you know a better word than compelling? I am thinking of a love so powerful that it has me floored and desiring God alone, bound to him and not even tempted to look away… that kind of compelling.. I will sleep soon but if you awake people come up with a word do let me know! 🙂


  9. Jonell

    Gotcha … now I see it was YOUR word for what she said. I was thinking it was HER word, and I wasn’t finding it anywhere!

    No, I’m not always that wide awake, but at work, I must be in order to do my job to the best of my ability.

    Thanks for the clarification! 🙂


  10. Jonell


    Okay, you’ve got me thinking…

    I had a teacher when I went to GRSBM (Bible Institute) who was so overwhelmed with the love of God that whenever he talked about it, he cried. I was so impressed and wanted God’s love for me to be that great. What a joy it was to realize that God has always loved me sooo much. I just need to be so attached to Him that I experience it.

    I also think of the word “gripping” – like that book you don’t want to put down b/c you are so involved in the story. You turn the pages w/o even realizing it and you think about the story even when doing the dishes or cooking supper. It is always on your mind … I think we need to be thinking of God’s in that same way … in everything we do and say.

    So, we’ve come up with some good words here:
    addictive – compelling – floored – desiring – overwhelmed – gripping – always on our mind.

    Any other ideas out there?


  11. diana

    Wow that sounds like the kind of love we all seek after… hmmm gripping is a good word.. addictive compelling floored desiring overwhelming gripping always on our mind… that could make a new post by itself lol.. thanks Phil for letting us use your blog to explore different ways to describe God’s love… I like these words.

    Diana 🙂

  12. Phil

    Had to adjust the post-title this morning. 🙂

    “Is Chocolate Milk Addictive?” gave way to a more earnest discusstion, didn’t it?

    A couple of Scriptures come to mind that describe the nature of our insatiable desire for God …

    Ps. 42.1-2 – Longing for him the same way a deer longs or pants for water.

    Devoted – I’m sure there are others, but I really appreciate the description of the early church’s mindset in Acts 2.42-47. Devoted themselves to…

    Isn’t it reassuring to consider that our love for God, as intense as it is, is a response to His love for us?! (1 Jn 4.19)

    (I still like chocolate milk though – too much) 😀


  13. Jonell

    Thanks Diana for your comments. It made me feel good that you liked my descriptive words. 🙂

    Phil, I was just thinking about how your chocolate milk post ended up talking more about how we can be addicted to Jesus. And who would’ve thought that a chocolate milk post would receive 12+ comments! That’s a good thing, don’t you think?


  14. Phil

    Yes, I DO think! 😀 — a very good thing!

    It’s amazing, actually. I was thinking “I’ve been pretty serious lately, time to smile once or twice” We did, and then God came back to the center of the conversation. Isn’t that how it’s always supposed to be? You bet it is.

    Thanks for your part!


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