In Transition – Again

You may have guessed, if you’re a regular here, that life’s gotten busy or something; the frequency of posts has fallen off lately. Well, you’re right.  but it’s for good reasons — and it’s temporary.

I accepted a new position on June 28th as Associate Pastor with Calvary Memorial Church in Gering, Nebraska.  Our aim is to begin there first thing in September.  Suddenly I’m swimming in the details of getting ready to go.  I stepped down from my part-time second shift job at a small luxury hotel.  My new “second-shift job” is getting our house ready to sell, then sorting through our belongings, donating the things we don’t need and packing the things we do.

I’ve seven weeks remaining as the interim Documentation Coordinator, an exacting, full-time, temporary role for a GE Healthcare facility in Milwaukee where they make the X-ray tubes and detectors.

I’m still thinking as much as I did,  I’m just not where I can write things down the way I like to.  I hope you’ll keep checking in for short, cheery posts and updates on how we’re doing with this move.  As soon as I can, we’ll get back to normal here.

I’m very excited about this new opportunity  and look forward to telling you all about it!

In the interim,  stay faithful,  live joyful!


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  1. Darlene Biddle

    We are rejoicing with you too in God’s provision!! Can’t wait to see how He writes this next chapter in your lives ~ please know we are praying for you, Brenda and your kids too – this is a big transition for all of you !!!

    With love and prayers…..

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