I’m Honored to Participate

Good morning!

My/our son Jared has revamped his blog, With | One | Voice with an admirable purpose and objective as it relates to worship ministry.  He’s asked me to contribute and it was an honor to say “Of course!”

Take a look, bookmark With | One | Voice so you can check in periodically to see what’s new.
Wordpress gives the option now to click a box and receive Email follow-ups to comments.  What a great way to stay involved in a discussion that unfolds over several days.

We can’t help but smile, Jared and I, that father and son are both serving churches named Calvary:
Jared’s with Calvary Bible Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan and
I’m joining the ministry team at Calvary Memorial Church in Gering, Nebraska in September.
We’ve already said “Which Calvary? yours or mine?”  and then smiled, knowing there’s really only one Calvary, the hinge-point of life and eternity for us all.

Enjoy  With | One | Voice with me . . .


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