If Flowers Could Talk

For years my family has endured my captioning things I see, speaking for our dogs, putting words in their mouths,  making up conversation for things that have no voice — even flowers.  While clearing some weeds out of a small garden along the side yard this afternoon I came across this little new little Johnny Jump-up.  “Well look-at you!”   And then I smiled as I thought   Your mother would not approve of the apartment you’ve found!

Can’t you just hear his side of the phone call home?


… No, Ma! I’m not desperate! I’m being resourceful!

… It’s a nifty little place near downtown. It’s on a corner lot and everything!

… Honest! Yes I’m telling the truth.

… No, you probably wouldn’t like it — but I do.

… It’s FINE, Ma. And it isn’t costing me a ton.  It’s cheap.

… Yeah, I know.

… Okay, Ma, I’ll be careful.

… I love you too.

… Bye, Ma.

(she doesn’t believe me)

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