I Wonder —

Go ahead, call me “bent”.

I’m just wondering — would Curt’s memory, knowledge of the Word, sense of humor, quick wit and ability to love be whole today if we had not prayed like we did?

I’m thankful we rallied behind him – not as much as Curt and his family, I’m sure! I’m celebrating the miracle in Superior today; it has a perpetual smile on my face. In the hubub of the celebration, though, my mind got up and went around to the other side of the table again. (I’m prone to that; it’s been that way as long as I can remember, and sometimes it isn’t much of a “blessing”.)

What if we’d said, as we often do, “I’ll pray for you” but never got around to it?

I wonder.

How many blessings have we deprived ourselves of because we neglected to ask? Just ask?

What does Heaven do with the answers to prayers that sit on the shipping dock so long they start getting in the way?

We know the prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. (Js. 5.16) We know a lot of times we don’t have because we don’t ask (Js. 4.2) or ask with wrong motives (4.3) But Jesus said Ask. Seek. Knock. This time we did. We really did. And look what God did?!

What if we prayed this way all the time?

What if the way we prayed the last ten days was

— the way we always pray?!

Selah — Think about it.

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  1. Dave

    Interesting thoughts.

    I can’t help but think that not only Curt benefited from our prayers, but we also benefit from praying for others as well. it strengthens our faith as well.

    Some of my fellow Christians have been praying, for instance, for loved ones to be saved for many, many years. They still wait for prayers to be answered and perhaps get discouraged thinking that prayers do not get answered. Then Curt come along and we pray for his recovery and the care of his family half believing what the doctors are saying about months of recovery and then BANG! God wakes us up with the promise of “the prayers of a fervent man availeth much” and we see the lesson God wants us to be reminded of.

    I have been thinking of Curt and his family even though I don’t even know him and probably will never see him until we get to heaven since hearing of the prayer request and the following answer and it is my spirit that is refreshed and my conscience that is stirred to remember to pray for things expecting an answer…all because of Curt’s accident!

  2. Jonell

    Good thoughts!

    I want to be that kind of person who prays about everything … b/c of your blog, I’m slowly changing and making my conversations with Jesus more and more frequent!

    Thanks a bunch!!!!


  3. Jason


    It’s been awhile since I visited here…life and ministry have been extremely busy. Your last two posts have been a great reminder for me that there is much to pray for beyond my little circle of the world.

    I *will* pray for Curt. I, too, play in on our church softball team–one of few pastors in our league, actually, so his experience brings a new reality to that too.

    Our Creator’s lovingkindness does indeed endure…in real life. Hallelu, indeed.


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