I-Tunes and My Daily Walk with God

I-Tunes helps me stay in touch and in step with God as my day progresses – and it’s great! No more letting someone in a studio miles away choose what I listen to. Gotta luvvit!

Jared, I’ve got to give you credit for this one at the very top. You showed me how this program could give me control of what I hear. Thanks, Son!

Back before the days of electricity if you wanted a steady diet of good music you went to church every week or you hoped Papa was wealthy enough to hire minstrels to come play for your family. I’m glad I live now.

There were days —I’m old enough I can remember them, and young enough I still remember them well— 😉 when good music was as close as the cabinet or closet of LP Albums. LP stood for Long-Play, as opposed to 45’s. Old readers like me will be able to remember. I would go to the record collection, pick up to six LPs (that’s all the record player could handle), choose the order I wanted to hear things in, put them on the record player, check to see that the needle wasn’t covered with fuzz, and start the series. The years we lived where there was no Christian radio, we played our albums till we wondered if they’d wear through and we’d start to hear side 1 again when we played side 2!

I have great childhood memories of Grandpa Ransom agreeing to let me play records on his stereo (ours was monophonic a while longer), picking my favorites from his collection and then stretching out on the floor in the best place to hear left AND right channels — and listening. Just listening. I only moved when someone said “Turn it down a little bit please” or “Supper’s ready, Phil.” (I’ll probably hear “turn it down a little” till I die.)

In high school I discovered that music could reinforce the mood I was already in or draw me toward the way I should be feeling if I chose my music well. I remember many times walking into band with an academic headache and leaving for lunch an hour later — sans headache. Life went pretty well when I chose music that was good for me.

But that’s ancient history. What about today?

Jared introduced me to I-Tunes a couple years ago when he was home on vacation from Cornerstone University and showed me its playlist feature. “Oh, I can USE THIS!!”

I’ve loaded several days worth of my favorites into my computer where I have access to them all day as I work.

I have a play list “EncourageU2day” for those rainydayMondaycan’tbelieveIfeelthiscrummy days.

The playlist “Love of My Life” provides the background for romantic thoughts and prayers all day long.

“TTBB” (stands for Tenor1 Tenor2 Baritone BASS)  for when I want to sing along.

“Prayer — Our First Resource” leads me through an hour and a half of worship, intercession and giving thanks.

When words would interrupt my thoughts, I pick “Instrumental”.

And I have several more on my to-do list, including one I’m going to call “caffeine”.

I-Tunes or your favorite program can help your walk with God and it doesn’t take long to set things up. You can do it, this ol’ dog learned how.


PS And thanks, Jared. I’m glad dads can learn from sons. 

6 Replies to “I-Tunes and My Daily Walk with God”

  1. Phil

    Thanks for stopping by, Maria

    Hope you enjoy the thought-provoking material here.
    (Be sure to visit C’mon In, Nice to Meet You, Why I’m Here and Eternity? above if you haven’t already. They describe what this place is about)


  2. Mag

    Maria writes enjoyably.

    iTunes “caffeine”: Vicotory…Yolanda Adams
    Couple other Odd Favs: “Take My Hand” Shaun Groves; “What If” Jadon Lavik (download or sample from iTunes)

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