I Remember . . .

Happy Birthday, Brenda!

I remember the first time I saw you – you were a college freshman, working behind the security desk  in the student commons. I and some of my friends liked to congregate there each evening while we waited for the cafeteria doors to open.

I remember that you couldn’t stand me at first. (Now that I know why, I wouldn’t have either! You’ve helped me a lot in how I approach people).

I remember the first time I told you I loved you. We had gone to the circus with Dave & Judy, laughed and enjoyed it and each other’s friendship, Dave’s spontaneous humor, a great time. When the time came to say good-night, I had to tell you what I’d been thinking a while already. “I love you”.

I remember weeks later, coming home from a performance of No Greater Love, you said those words to me for the first time. “I love you”.

I remember the pretty June day we were married in Northern Wisconsin, then travelled, and travelled, and TRAVELLED (arrrgh!) to Colorado and back on our honeymoon.

I remember the way the Lord led us to our first place of ministry in Nebraska, your strong faith as you followed me there, trusting God as much as me — even more.

I remember the long labor you endured when Bethany was born, and watched in amazement as you fell in love with her the instant you saw her and took her into your arms. My guess is you’d grown to love her over the months you carried her and were happy to finally be able to hold her.

I remember the move to Tucson, your driving a van you shouldn’t have had to, but the rental truck wasn’t man-enough to pull. And that Jared kicked and squirmed inside much of the way. How uncomfortable!

I remember the February day they laid him on your chest, wrapped in a nice warm towel, and told you “It’s a boy.” You smiled, turned to me and said “We’re done.” 🙂

I remember the joys, the challenges through the years; the laughter, the tears, the heartaches, the forgiveness, the learning, growing, changing, deepening, maturing … today I remember and celebrate You.

Lord, thank you for my life partner. I honor her today.



Karl * Bethany * Brenda * Phil (Jared’s in Grand Rapids – Miss ya’ Buddy!)

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  1. Jonell

    Happy Birthday Brenda!

    What a joy it has been to have you in our family. Thanks for being God’s gift to Phil. Hope you had a great day! My birthday card to you will be arriving soon.

    Love always —

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