I Love Sundays

I have a date today.  I’m so excited!

We get to be together, talk to each other, it’s going to be wonderful!

(But I thought you were already married—)

I am – Brenda and I celebrated 31 years together earlier this month, and we’re trusting God for many more enjoyable years to come.  Because I’ve placed my trust in Jesus Christ, though, I’m part of the church, the bride of Christ and we have a date this morning.  I LOVE Sundays!  It’s like spending time with the one I’m engaged to — a date, almost.

Some of the songs we’ll sing today are about Him (what bride-to-be doesn’t enjoy talking about her love?)

Some of the songs we’ll sing today are to Him (I love that He hears me when I come to Him).

I get to learn more about what He likes so I can do those things more, and what He doesn’t like so I do those things less (or not at all).

I want to be sure to tell Him how much I love Him today – let my heart show so when people look over and observe me, there’s no doubt.  I’m in love.  In fact one of the songs we’ll sing today says ” all that thrills my soul is Jesus – He is more than life to me.”   SO true!

I hope we’ll have a few moments of quiet today where I can enjoy just being with Him.  We do that every morning, but there’s something about Sundays that make me look forward to the morning.

Yep, Sunday is my favorite day of the week!


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  1. Jonell

    Awesome post! What an outlook! What a concept. I enjoy Sundays, but you put it in a brand new light! Hope your Sunday was like the best date ever! 🙂


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