I Love Optimism, Don’t You?

Today was a great day.

I got a lot done, much of which wasn’t on my list for today, but oh-well!

Today started bright and early with coffee at 7AM for an  idea and planning session with Brandon, a young, devoted husband and dad in our church who’s headed for full-time ministry. We met to discuss the best approach for making Love and Respect available at Calvary early next year.  An hour and a half later when we each headed into our day we were both optimistic about the best ideas we had on the table, and eager to talk through them with our wives.

I loved Brandon’s optimism this morning.  Real, but optimistic. Hopeful. Thinking outside our own four walls.  Another possibility thinker.  Our conclusion:  Why do we need to limit this?  Let’s position the study where the most can benefit from it …and let’s do things with excellence.

When I got to the church, I learned that the kids in the cast for the program I wrote last week liked it when they read through it yesterday, and smiled or laughed at the right places. They had trouble with some of my grown-up words, though; I wrote a little over their heads here and there. No-problem, we’ll re-write wherever we need to so it makes sense and is easy to present.

The ladies who’ll be decorating for Christmas this year stopped by and before we knew it we were walking around out in the foyer picturing how things might look – and work – through December.  More possibility thinking; not a “we-could-never” in the whole conversation.  A while after they left one of them called and said “We’re still talking and planning.  Can you and Brenda join us for lunch?”   Like I’m going to turn that down.  Absolutely!

Over the weekend I’d proposed a solution to one of our crowded classrooms, that of switching to seminar tables instead of the 30-inch deep tables we’re using now.  This morning Gary and I reviewed it briefly and he said  “we’ve talked about that before but we’ve just not gathered the info and found the best price.  Round up some numbers, let’s do it.”

Last week I took a chance and asked Adrian, a member of our church, and one of the busiest young men in our congregation, if he could maybe help us with a little surprise I have in mind for early December.  He was in town this morning and stopped in at the office. We spent half an hour talking through the idea I have.  He’s going to help.  He could have said “I really don’t have the time” and I’d have believed him, no problem, but he’s in.  And the result is going to be fun. A neat little something.  (I’d tell you more, but I could ruin the surprise for our locals. You’ll have to wait.)

In looking for a solution to a video “hurdle” we’d need to overcome in getting ready for our children’s Christmas program, we learned from our church treasurer that there’s money available to solve that problem, and it won’t impact the budget.   When was the last time you heard a church treasurer say “Here’s money you could use for that” ?    Doesn’t happen every day, believe me  😀

I love optimism.  Don’t you?
I looked up and saw it smiling at me several times today.

Tonight as I wrap up the day and thank the Lord for all He’s doing, I’m asking myself,  “Am I consistently encouraging optimism? Realistically?  With faith in motion?”    I hope so.

How’re you doing?   Something to think about.


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