I Dare You

I dare you.
I dare you to go seven days without saying or writing anything cynical, sarcastic or negative.  Seven days. In a row.
I double-dare you.
Double-dog-dare you even.
Can you do it?

This little exercise helped me switch on my sense of optimism my second year in Bible College. Before this there were people who wondered if I was majoring in cynicism and minoring in music, I’m sure!  But it worked. In the years since, avoiding negativism has helped me in big and small ways.

  • It’s kept me functional when people I worked with drove me up the wall.
  • It’s helped me weather storms of rumors and criticism coming my way.
  • It’s trained me over time to see the commendable first, and dismiss the chaff.
  • Once I learned the axiom “if it’s not positive, it’s not Email” dismissing negativity has kept me out of countless Email and Facebook skirmishes.
    Thumper’s mom was right.  “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

My outlook is mostly-hopeful and mostly-optimistic at 54, partly because God has helped me realize that when I weed out negativity it’s easier to see life’s flowers.   Would you enjoy a more peaceful, less stress-filled, cheerful lifestyle?  Try it.
For seven days in a row:

I can’t stand the way -STOP-

Can you believe the  -STOP-
if he wants to wear that in public, fine.

That place is SO…      -STOP-
Lord, I’m thankful our place looks nice.

This tastes awful …     -STOP-
there are places in this world with NO restaurants, and many who can’t afford to eat out.  Thank You, God, for providing for us the way you do.

Who knows? Perhaps this exercise will prove even more useful than giving up something for Lent.  This change might become permanent, and you’ll be the better – and happier – for it!

CAUTION:  Consistent use of the above could result in more smiles, more laughter, more friends. If you want a permanent change in demeanor consult with your Savior and ask His guidance and assistance.  Frequent use of the above could cost you the friendships of negative people and change your reputation.  If you cannot afford this regimen The Holy Spirit may be able to help.  Call Heaven, toll-free, lines are open around the clock, seven days a week.

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