I Can See It …

In a pastors’ conference some time ago I listened to a pastor of a church North of Dallas, Texas tell of a moment early in the church’s experience.   Twice the bank had refused to consider helping them purchase the land they had in mind.  “One last time” the pastor told himself, and invited the loan officer to meet him at the proposed site.  He agreed.  As they walked around the empty parcel, the pastor described “This is where the auditorium would be,  this is where the front doors would be, and the foyer.  Offices would be right over there, and off in that direction would be the Christian Education wing,  Sunday School classes for the entire family.”

 The loan officer finally remarked “You can see this thing, already, can’t you?”

 “Of course,” he replied (this is the part I like to repeat) “You’ve got to see it before you can see it, or you’ll never see it.”  The banker changed his mind.  The pastor went on to say that when God has an endeavor in mind He’ll usually enable a handful of people to picture what He has in mind, even before the fact.  Someone has got to see it before you can see it, or you’ll never see it.

I’ve been one of those visionary types in my ministry. Come to think of it, the first several full-time ministry positions I held were pioneer-like endeavors.   It’s been exciting – setbacks,  second and third tries included.  New endeavors are hard work but it’s exciting to see new things come into reality, especially  things that bring the Lord honor. 

For over a year now I’ve been asking God if the ministry I keep imagining is of His doing.  I borrowed David’s words from 1 Samuel 30.8  “Shall I pursue…?”   The Lord has recently confirmed in my thinking…  “Pursue!”  Granted, David’s circumstances differ from mine, but I still appreciate that he asked God first.  Shall I? and when God gave him the go-ahead, he went for it.   Me too.

I can see it.   I need to.  Or I’ll never see it.  Nobody will.  And I have to tell you,  I’m excited!!  There’s lots of work ahead, but that is as it should be. I’ve learned the key to doing the Lord’s work is to do it in His strength, not my own. I always run out of gas too soon when I use my strength anyway. “Not by might shall a man prevail (1 Sam. 2.9); Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit…Zechariah 4.6)”. 

Father God,  Thank you for giving me a picture of the new endeavor you have in mind for me.  Fortify this keen desire down deep inside to do what You want when You want where You want.   I’ll keep reminding myself  “Whatever, Whenever, Wherever.”  

Yours alone – 



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