How Do They Know?

I’m wondering about the flowers in my gardens. Brenda’s folks were here recently and while I was in Chicago installing a media system, Dad H graciously cleaned the weeds and crabgrass out of my largest flower bed, the one I see each evening when I pull into the drive. (I’ve been working on other things and it got away from me.) Then we went through with garden scissors and I dead-headed (cut the old blooms off) several perennials.

How do they know I did that?

How do they know that there are no seed-pods to send energy to anymore? Some of these flowers have bloomed again! I thought they’d brown-down and call it a summer. No-no, they’re trying one last time to fill the yard with color before the first freeze. Who tells them to do that?

You probably have an idea Who tells them to, just like I do. Still it stretches the mind (it does mine anyway) to imagine the Creator of the universe bending down to whisper to the wounded plants in my flower gardens: “It’s OK. I’m still here. Bloom again; you’re pretty.”

If He cares that much for them, and He does… “Consider the lilies of the field,” Jesus said, (Luke 12.27) “and the sparrows, (Matt. 10.29-31) and the children (Mark 10.13-14).”

…I can relax and be encouraged that He certainly cares for me!

  • I can cast ALL my cares on Him, because He cares for me (2 Peter 5.7).
  • I can lay my head on the pillow at night, worry-free, because He’s still working, even while I sleep. (Ps. 127. 1-2)
  • He skillfully prunes the activities of my life so I am fruitful as I can be. (John 15.2)
  • He celebrates my progress from 30 to 60 to 100-fold as I cooperate with Him (Matthew 13.23).

But that still doesn’t answer my question. How do they know?

Something to think about –

Selah —

2 Replies to “How Do They Know?”

  1. Jason

    Ah, yes. Wonderful post, Phil!

    If only God’s pruning weren’t so painful. I think we are too afraid of what God is going to cut off, forgetting (or perhaps more likely refusing to consider) the beauty that results.

    But still, I don’t know how they know. Doesn’t it bring it you to praise to even consider the question?

  2. Jonell

    Jason – I like that sentence: “Doesn’t it bring it you to praise to even consider the question?” 🙂

    God is good and if we can only stop to consider how good, we will praise Him!


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