How Difficult it Must Have Been

Hannah – Elkanah – Peninnah & her children apparently all lived under one roof.
That had to have been difficult.

Yesterday in our Joint Heirs life-group / ABF  we talked about Hannah’s defining moment (1 Samuel 1 &2) as it related to her unfulfillment (inability to have children).

The question surfaced as we talked about Peninnah, Elkanah’s other wife,
“What did Hannah call her?”

Was Peninnah her half-wife?  step wife?  “the other woman”?
I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been.

What do you think?  Is there a “title” for such a relationship?

What tension!


Ironically, as a bit of a post-script, I think the tension probably intensified the overwhelming joy that washed over Hannah when she finally held tiny little Samuel in her arms, God’s answer to her prayers.

Something to think about —

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