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It was a good day blog-theme wise.

I experimented with a few things in WordPress’ latest theme offering and there was MUCH I liked about it.

It was artsy, creative, and vibrantly bright (of course I’d notice that!!)

But the main reason for this blog is to encourage and strengthen ministries and ministry-minded people … with information (more detail in the “C’mon In” tab up above) And when readers have to work to get to the content, when commenting doesn’t come easy,  it’s better suited for someone else than for me.

So we’re back.

Move aside Mr. Chippy, yours was a temporary stay.

(He’s not happy. That’s OK. We are.)

The nice thing in all of this —because it’s WordPress— is that it won’t be long until another theme is introduced. Well-done, functional and classy. Maybe that one will be just the thing.

Until then.. godliness with contentment is (yep, you got it) great gain.

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