Hmmmm, I Wonder . . .

Poking around a bit this morning I came across the Little Mosque on the Prairie post, and heard myself say “hmmmm, I wonder if there would be any room for similar things in the States?” Some ideas are beginning to come to mind here – working titles, naturally, the first idea is seldom the one that actually sticks:

  • Deacon Smith Goes to Washington – the surprise winner of a write-in campaign, Deacon Smith finds himself representing his state in Washington D.C.
  • Sitting Pretty Revisited (fashioned after the old black & white movie with Clifton Webb) – a Bible-believing Nanny is hired by a family committed to political correctness and absolute relativism.
  • Church in the WildHood – Follow newlyweds Bill and Nyra through their first three months of ministry assignment to a rural church of sixty members as they adjust to the challenges of serving people they knew nothing about growing up and surviving life in the hood.
  • American Pastor – Follow the journey from obscurity to ministry prominence as American Pastor auditions would-be ministers from across the country, and the right to include “American Pastor finalist” at the head of their resumes. In addition to the candidates themselves, part of each week’s excitement will be watching the panel of three nationally acclaimed, opinionated and outspoken ministry “stars” attempt to keep emotions in check as they work together. Said would-be producer, Justin Credible, “Production will not begin until this panel can be found and ground rules established, we’re getting a lot of no-thank-yous right now. Hopefully we’ll be able to avoid things like we saw from American Idol’s Simon Fuller, but the potential is there for things to be even more spirited. Which may not be all bad, I guess. Might actually be good for ratings, mightn’t it?” In the event American Pastor cannot finalize its panel of judges, the program will be cancelled and pastor-searches will continue as they have for the last several decades.

Can’t you just imagine all of America sitting and watching with wrapt attention as these programs play out each week through the season? Imagine the range of emotions! Imagine the ability to see into the hearts of God-fearing folks like never before!

[sigh] Okay, I give…. probably won’t happen will it? Not in the USA anyway. You’re right. I can almost hear it now:

Mainstream Media: “Absolutely not!”

Well-intentioned: “But I thought tolerance was . . . ”

MSM: “Have a nice day.”

Oh-well… some thoughts are best discarded, I guess.

Was fun while it lasted. 😀

I wonder though, if anyone would even watch. Besides God I mean – Who already is.


2 Replies to “Hmmmm, I Wonder . . .”

  1. elisebarnette

    Creative Ideas. Did you know that the Peanuts was the first animated Christmas special ever aired on television and it almost didn’t get put on. The t.v. people thought it too controversial because of Linus’s speech on the birth of Christ. It is the most watched Christmas special to this day, and it was the first and only broadcast Christmas special that talked about the birth of Christ. Who knows, there may be more to your idea than you realize…

  2. laurashahade

    “But I thought tolerance was. . .”

    That sort of thing gets me every time. Tolerance for everybody – except Christians.
    Who wants to find joy, peace, happiness, and fulfillment when we could just feign happiness, masquerade behind painted faces to hide our inner turmoil, and then die alone never having really understood love or self-sacrifice? I mean really – those Christians…


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