Henry Ford’s Astute Observation

Henry Ford’s simple, profound observation provokes serious thought, doesn’t it?
“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.”

Looking to get ahead?

Henry Ford on time and success

If that’s accurate, perhaps we should find and eliminate ways we waste time. Or ways we’re wasting time again, especially in areas where we know we’re prone to do so.

Remind yourself that free time, downtime, time to play, and time to sleep are not wasted time. The ocean has high tides and low tides. Our days include both light hours and dark, with sunrise – sunset transitions.

For example, years ago, taking my first self-help seminar entitled “Your Time and Your Life” I brightened at the suggestion of scheduling “fuses” in each day. Things have a way of veering off course, meetings go long, and trains sometimes hold us up. Planned cushions, especially at transitions can help preserve one’s sanity.

But that’s different than coming back from lunch 45 minutes late. From hopping online to check something then chasing squirrels, rabbits, and shiny objects for an hour.

What are your favorite ways to reduce wasted time in your week? Ways to maximize your efficiency during productive segments? Tell us about it in the comments below.
Would you be interested in hearing about some of mine?

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