Help Me Pray for a Family?

Hi friends,

One of the things the apostle Paul told his readers was to

Share each other’s troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ (Galatians 6.2 – NLT)

I’d like to ask you to help me do that today and through the rest of this week.

For the last six or eight weeks I’ve been tracking with Jason Holm and his family who are currently with Jason’s parents in Montana. Jason’s father is facing the last stage of glioblastoma, a fast-moving cancer of the brain. I suppose I’m a little more in tune with this than the average guy, since my grandfather died of a brain tumor in 1980, and Dad died of glioblastoma in August of 2002. (Yes, I have an MRI of my brain —we won’t call it normal or anything– on record for comparison’s sake in case it’s ever needed.) Dad and Grandpa are both absent from the body, at home with the Lord (2 Cor. 5.8) and that’s been an immeasurable comfort. Still, my heart goes out to Jason and his family right now. I remember what it feels like to see an intruder like glioblastoma just move in, take over, and then snuff out the life of someone you dearly love.

Though I’ve not met Jason or his family, it’s clear from what he writes that his is a strong and well-founded faith. Lynn, his father, is sure of his salvation and the family is rejoicing in knowing that’s true, but the valley of the shadow of death is deep, even for those with strong faith. Would you take some time today and through the end of the week to help me uphold this family in prayer? If you’ve the time you may want to back-track through the last few weeks as Jason has chronicled the journey. We know that the death of His saints is precious in the sight of the Lord, He told us so in Psalm 116.15. There’s comfort in knowing so, but the pain is still real.

Have you a shoulder you can spare for a time? Help lift this family in prayer? Thank you so much.



Wednesday Evening —

I just read that Pastor Lynn Holm, Jason’s father, is at home with the Lord.

Our prayers shift now, asking comfort, strength, the ability to rest, a myriad of details and arrangements to make in coming days.

Please continue to pray for the family.




Friday Morning —

God is at work!  Gently, mightily, tenderly.  Keep on praying!

A hospice nurse is open to talking more about what Christ has done for her.  Pray.

The funeral service  Celebration of Lynn’s Homegoing  will be Monday afternoon.  Pray.

There are dozens of choices and decisions to be made in the next few days and weeks.  Keep praying.

…and thanks.


10 Replies to “Help Me Pray for a Family?”

  1. expreacherman


    Mom and I will pray for Jason and comfort for his Dad in this journey.

    I know you and your Mom know exactly what they are going through.

    There is no Comforter like the Lord.

    In Christ eternally,


  2. Jonell


    Yes, I will pray for Jason and his family. We both know what Gpa and Dad experienced, and what we experienced on this side, finding our daily strength in the arms of the Almighty!

    Your sis,

  3. Jason


    Thank you for seeking more prayer support for my family. It has only been by God’s grace through the prayer of others that we have endured. Jonell was correct, our strength is in the arms of the Almighty.


  4. Phil

    Jason – It’s our privilege to uphold you and your family in prayer through these challenging times. Thanks for taking the time to share the journey with us on Occupied with the Word.

    Family – Thanks for rallying so quickly. Remembering how we felt the strong arms of the Lord when we travelled this way heightened our sense of urgency I’m sure. Thank you.

    Friends of the Holm Family – Thank you for your prayers and the support Jason has written of time and time again. Your love and care these next several weeks will mean a lot to them.

    I’d like to offer a suggestion here too, if I may. Why not page ahead in your calendar and jot yourself a reminder. “Check in on the Holms.” Sometimes the greatest need for a friendly word and a listening ear is after it seems the rest of the world has moved on. A phone call or email asking “I was thinking about you this morning, praying for you … How are YOU doing?” will encourage them.

    Its proactive care you can give to the families of those who’ve gone on to glory, and pastors’ families need it as much as anyone. This works well. I remember sitting next to an older gentleman at a funeral. After the service he took his pocket calendar and paged ahead to the three month mark and six month mark, and wrote himself a note “Check in on _____” Seeing that I noticed, he smiled and gently said “Those were difficult days for me after my wife died, three months and six months, I’m going to make sure he has a friend at his side when it’s his turn.”

    Blessings to you all – Where would we be without the love of Christ?

    Phil —

  5. Jonell


    Knowing Jason’s dad is now in glory, I pulled out my “Land of Pure Delight” CD by the Haven of Rest Quartet. I listened to it last night on the way to worship team practice at church and it brought back some memories of the healing time following our own dad’s home-going, as well as a few tears for what the Holm family is experiencing right now on this earthly journey. It’s hard to say which song is my favorite: Maybe #4 – “It Won’t Be Long” or #9 – “Family Reunion” or #1 – “Not My Home” (just b/c I can remember Dad singing that in the car growing up). Did we ever buy that CD for our Mom? Think she would like it? I sure like it!

    Thanks again for bringing this to my attention!


  6. Phil

    I really can’t remember if we did or not.
    I know she’d enjoy it, we should find out.

    Haven has a wonderful way of setting familiar hymns and gospel songs in fresh ways, yet leaving the melody alone – enough to sing along with them anyway. I’ve given up trying to harmonize with them tho’ 🙂

    I agree with you. This World is Not My Home is excellent. I like the way they set “Can’t feel – at home – in this world anymore.” Would that more of us felt that way!

    I think my favorite from the project is “Until Then” – I remember Dad and Mom singing it as a duet. But until then my heart will go on singing. Until then with joy I’ll carry on Until the day my eyes behold the city. Until the day God calls me home. I’m ready. (Wonder what God has planned for later today? Maybe a Rapture? – Wouldn’t THAT be great!)


  7. Vonda

    Please help me pray for my husband Dean Sr., he left us a month ago in his mid-life crisis and committed adultery with a young 24 year old who is married with a 5 yr old son. They both work within our local police dept. They’ve been seeing each others for almost a year now. I found out in January. We are praying for his salvation, quick deliverance and restoration of our marraige & increase in finances on us both to pay off all the bills we got behind on…
    My request and help me pray is that he returns home very soon before I commit myself to move our family elsewhere. I have to submit my resignation this Friday and next two weeks sign myself to a higher education institution. I hate to do these things IF he wants to come back. Divorce is the last thing on my mind and do not want to grieve our Lords heart. I am willing to forgive and forget but I am leaving it up to him…bring him home within the next two days….Lord!
    Thank you.

  8. Phil

    Vonda, I will definitely pray, and I will invite those who read here to pray too
    *for his salvation first and foremost (the key to his ability to do the right thing),
    *for your restoration as a family, and the other family too,
    *for the willingness to do all the difficult things necessary to right these wrongs,
    *for God’s provision.

    Lean hard on the lord through these times. He’s up to it!


  9. Jonell


    Praying for you … may God be your strength … not only today … but always … in every situation. Remember, even before you call, He’s already there! When you reach for Him, you’ve already gone too far! God is there for you, lean on Him!!

    God knows how much grace every trial needs!

    Psalm 18:30 “As for God, His way is perfect. The Word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.”


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