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I’m humbled today, in a nice-feeling sort of way.

blessed1 of  Daily Blessings has conferred an honor on me -on Vibrance- the Thinking Blogger Award

Recognition like this is always sweetest when it comes out of nowhere, as this one did.  A guy just does his best, keeps the standard high, and Voila!  “My goodness! Why Thank You!”   Thank you, Blessed1 for encouraging me in this way.   I’ll wear this badge, Vibrance’s first, with honor.  

Since I was a young man I’ve endeavored to be one with a critical mind but not a critical spirit.  I think you probably see that evidenced here, and I’m grateful you and others are encouraged when you drive through the little town called “Vibrance”.   Come any time, and bring your friends with you!     Maybe someday we’ll say about Vibrance what Yogi Berra said about a restaurant he knew.  “Oh that place?  It’s so busy nobody goes there anymore.”  😀  Of course he might quickly add “I didn’t say everything I said.”

One of the responsibilities of my receiving this award is to pass it on to deserving bloggers who make ME think.  It’s a challenge to recommend just five, partly because I don’t frequent blogs that don’t.  Make me think, that is.   Hmmm   who makes me think?  . . .   Think, Pooh. Think. Think. Think  . . .  I don’t agree completely with anyone I read.  Shoot, I’m surprised I agree with myself sometimes! . . . Who always makes me think?  . . .   I can only recommend five?  Hmmm~! 

So I asked myself,  which five have something to say,  say it well -with dignity and finesse-, would likely encourage you when you read them?   And I picked ’em.

My Thinking Blogger Awards go to people who:

  • can survive outside their comfort zones for more than fifteen-seconds at a time,
  • merge daily life with serious thought,
  • are willing to share life’s struggles with people in hopes their readers draw strength from them, 
  • enjoy smiles and laughter, theirs and others,
  • and to bloggers who above all, are people of faith.  Every one of these are people I believe I’ll see in Glory.  We might even be neighbors up there – that’d be fine by me. 

These are deeper-than-average thinkers, which means they may not post as frequently as some.  But when they do – better get a copy.   Life has either urged them to think deep, or God has wired them such, it seems.  They will slow you down if you’ll let them,  so you can give pause to what they have to say. 

I appreciate that about these five and I think you will too.  

Having said that,  here are my five finalists, in random order.  Thank you, bloggers for stretching me, encouraging me, making me smile, urging me on. 

Oil the hinges on the doors to your blogs, friends; we’re sending some thinkers your way.

And the winners are —


Rindy:  Experiencing the Journey

Ann:  Ann Kroeker

Jason:  Occupied with The Word

Sharla:  Raindrops of Sunshine

Brandon:  Larger Needle – Smaller Camel

God bless you.   Richly! 

7 Replies to “He Thinks”

  1. brsquared

    Hey Phil,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I feel your same joy when I read someone’s blog who displays genuine desires for God, and genuine desires to connect other people with Jesus. I’ll have to begin reading your blog now that I know it’s here, and the others you recommended above.

    I pray that we’ll all learn from each other and continue to represent Jesus well in the blogosphere. Thanks for the encouragement again!


  2. Jason


    Thank you for the honor! I am humbled by your words and choice. I do not consider myself a good writer–I seem to struggle with words as well as ideas for blogging, so this honor feels misplaced. Nevertheless, thank you for the encouragement.

    As with anything in ministry, I am glad that our Lord can use me for His glory in spite of my fallenness and frail struggles. Praise be to Him!


  3. Phil

    You’re welcome, Jason, and the honor is in no way misplaced 😀

    The things you write convey how you reason things through filtering thoughts and concepts through the Word … I respect that BIG-time.

    And you’re right … Praise be to Him. Soli Deo Gloria


  4. rindy

    Thank you sooooooo much. I am honored and well…wow…cool!! (I’m speechless…write down the date!).

    You are well deserving of this honor and I truly enjoy reading and learning from your posts! Keep it up!!

  5. Sharla

    Thanks so much Phil! You are such a blessing to a lot of people, not just for “being nice” but processing life with others…thinking through their thoughts…the processes of decision….the curiosities and questions of life…and most of all, bringing the Creator of ALL into the picture for thought.

    You are such a blessing to many!

  6. annkroeker

    I’m so behind, I’m only just now popping over. Heavens, at this rate I won’t get the “Quick Response” award. But I’m very grateful for the link/nomination/award! It’s fun to think. And it’s fun to share thoughts with others who think. That’s an outstanding feature of the blogging community–we can ponder, post, read another blogger, find inspiration, comment, write another post, and so on. The Blogosphere is a community of ideas.

    Your blog is an excellent place to ponder. You’re so deserving of the Thinking Blogger award. Congratulations for contemplating, pondering, thinking, writing and most importantly–praying. It’s all got to go together, right?

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