Great Joy

If I were the apostle John (which I’m obviously not) and if I were writing to my friend Gaius (which I’m not – so I’ll write to you) I’d probably have a few lines at the beginning of my third letter that read something like this.

It gave me great joy to stop in at your blog and read about your faithfulness to the Lord, your gratitude, and see how you’re living your faith in clear and certain terms.    (you can see what John actually wrote in III John 1.3)

I remember times when I wondered what in the world my kids were thinking.

Or if they were thinking at all! (Anybody home in there? TALK to me!)

Well they do, and they are.

Step softly now, don’t want to intrude or interrupt, but here’s what Bethany‘s thinking, and what’s on Jared‘s mind.

Pretty neat, hmm?

If you’ve got teens or tweens at your house, love em’ through the awkward and uncomfortable stages, there’s enjoyment on the other side of each one.

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