God’s Unusual Christmas Gift – December 2011


I don’t like fog.

I dislike freezing fog even more.

But that’s what we had here on Christmas Eve  and Christmas day.

Mid-afternoon when I left for our Christmas Eve services it was nearly 50° F  outside.
I left my coat hanging in the front closet.

By 9:00 when my wife and I left to come home after a full evening, the fog had moved in and it was beginning to freeze.  I was thankful we didn’t have far at all to drive, but I sure missed my coat!

Early this morning it was hard to see anything at all. But I knew the fog was continuing, that was obvious.  A glance at the thermometer told me it was still below freezing outside.  “We could be in for a beautiful morning” I told myself, and went back to bed.  It was Christmas morning, after all,  who gets up early on a morning like this if they don’t HAVE to?

The  sun came up.

The fog continued to freeze.

Weeds and scruffy winter branches
took on a just-once beauty
that made me reach for my camera!

Lord, this is beautiful!
Thank you!

The pragmatic side of me thanked Him that I didn’t have to shovel the walks, though He provided a white Christmas after all.

Nothing was overlooked.


Even the simple little spindles along the front porch contributed to the delicate touches of frosty beauty today.

I am in awe of His creative beauty this morning, and today being Christmas only adds to the simple, quiet awe I’m feeling.

Thank you, God, for everything.  Everything.

But especially thank You for the gift You sent in the person and work of Your only Son to redeem us.

Jesus is Christmas. And I am grateful.
Eternally grateful.

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