God Knows – We Like our RAV4

Here’s another illustration of God’s innovative abilities. I got my wife a silver Toyota RAV4 for our 25th wedding anniversary.  She loves it.  A couple of months ago it started acting strange when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear.  There were times we wondered if it was safe like that.  One time I wondered if I’d make it home, the shifting was so erratic and unpredictable.

According to the Toyota owner’s group online, Toyota identified the problem in 2006 but chose not to tell RAV4 owners, only their service departments. The company stands behind the Engine Control Modules (the root of the problem) and related automatic transmissions up through 80,000 miles.   We’re at 111,000 miles right now. It’s not covered.

So I’ve been exploring alternative solutions for the last eight weeks, including a recommended local transmission place; good, but not a  dealership.  A solution eluded the owner and his shop.

So today I reluctantly took it back to the dealership.  I’d had it there once before, on a day when someone cut through a fiber-optic cable several counties East of here and the whole area lost wireless internet and cell phone usage for half a day so they sent me home, condition undiagnosed / unrepaired

The RAV sat idle the week and a half we were in Wisconsin and Michigan, and I’ve not been able to get it to misbehave since our return.  But for peace of mind, I had it in the shop today. “Check it out carefully,” I instructed them. “If it’s OK I want to know so.”

Well, they couldn’t find the problem; it wouldn’t act up for them either. “Drive it with confidence until it happens again”, they said.

I appreciated that there was no charge for today’s visit, but I was skeptical.  How long will it be before the symptoms recur? and how much will it cost then? I wondered.

You can imagine the smile that came to my face when I found an envelope from Toyota Corporation in this afternoon’s mail.  I opened and read it.  Then read it again.  Are you serious??!  Toyota  has decided to stand behind this product / concern.  In my hands I held a warranty extension for this exact problem.  If it happens again between now and 2013 or 150,000 miles, Toyota will repair it, no charge!  It won’t cost us a nickel!

I’ve been thanking the Lord all evening!  Lord, you had the company make this decision a while ago.  You had our Wisconsin postmaster decide to forward it on to us and the timing was such that it arrived – today.  Perfect timing.

When God takes care of His kids, He does it flawlessly.  What a gift. What timing!

Ask Him for what’s on your mind.  Then trust Him  – and wait.
He’s incredible.  He sure knew we like our RAV4 –  now we can drive it with peace of mind again.


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  1. Phil

    August 4th

    Well, a few days after the arrival of that letter, it started to act out again.

    I called the dealership and took the next available appointment. This afternoon.

    “Perhaps the reason it wouldn’t misbehave the other day is because this hadn’t arrived yet” I smiled as I handed Toyota’s letter to the service writer

    He raised his eyebrows and smiled “We’ll find out.”
    Two hours later he came to the waiting room where I was working (though not as efficiently as at my desk). “You’re ll set,” he said. “A new Electronic Control Module is on order for you.” He went on to tell me a big-gun from Toyota was in town today and saw/felt/heard the symptoms. “New ECM. No doubt about it.”

    You know, there’s no such thing as a circumstance where God’s concerned. Simply no such thing.

    Phil —

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