God Knew

Tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday) were scheduled to be the end of a “seriously intense” stretch of calendar for me. I’ve logged lots of miles this week, lots of hours. Quantitatively this was the most ambitious week of the year to date at my regular job. Today was a tech-director Sunday for me, which meant arriving a little after 8, and serving straight through until shortly after noon.

I was supposed to leave for a Chicago suburb after lunch for a two-projector/two-screen installation, this afternoon through tomorrow night (the delicate one at St. Mark’s if you’ve seen the Flickr photos at right). But when the lift company delivered the lift it was too large to even squeeze through the door to the building. (A camel and the eye of a needle came to mind when they told me. 🙂 ) They’re going to scaffold the area instead, but couldn’t have that in place for me to arrive this afternoon — so we postponed the installation.

God knew.
He always knows what I need.

Instead of my pushing pushing pushing to the end I got to see the last half of the Packer game. And they won. 😀
I took a nap. (It’s been awhile!)
This evening I finished a book.

Tomorrow is full to the rim, but I’m thankful for the rest today. God knew I needed it. He knows everything I need to do tomorrow too, to pare down my backlog and catch up a little. He always knows. Sure makes it easier to handle changes in plans when I know He’s got it all under control.

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  1. Jonell

    God knows. He always knows what we need.
    God is good to bring a bit of relief to your already full schedule. Enjoy the breather and don’t forget to take a few minutes to breathe in that crisp autumn air and let your gaze take in the autumn leaves that God is painting in fall colors for us all.

    – Jonell 🙂

  2. Bethany

    I’m gonna start praying for power outages or a bad roof leak. I need a day off too!!! 🙂

    I am glad you got to rest up dad! You seemed calmer today then I’ve seen in a while. Maybe call in a bomb threat? KIDDING!!! ( I can just see the secret service showing up at my door… hey at least I’d get a day or two off!) hahahaha!!!

    Love you!

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