God Doesn’t Owe Me a Thing

It’s easy, human as we are, to think God owes us a little somethin’. “I mean, I’m a good kid – if God has kids – He should at least ….)

Yesterday as I followed my lawn mower back and forth for a couple hours, I let my mind dwell on the simple truth that my Savior owes me NOTHING. Never has, never will. On the contrary, I owe him my all. “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” came to mind. “If Christ has not risen from the dead we are among all men most miserable. But Christ IS risen from the dead!” Not word perfect, granted, but then, I was following a Toro back and forth, not sitting on the front porch with my favorite translation open in my lap.

There is so much I don’t know about the next chapter of our lives – like ANY of it, to be honest.

But I know God knows.
I know nothing ever takes Him by surprise. I’m caught off guard periodically, but never God.
He knew all about the “gotta let you go” call even before Ken dialed my number.
Today’s challenges are no surprise to Him either. He knows how he wants me to think through this portion of the journey, and yesterday He smiled, I think, as I breathed in the smell of fresh-cut grass,

God doesn’t owe me a thing.
Not one.

He is deserving of all my praise and worship, even when I’m otherwise clueless.

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