Global Warming

I avoid the obviously controversial when I can. To me, hanging out in the controversial lane is like driving with one wheel in the deep snow along the edge of the road. Doesn’t take much and —oh-man. Now I’m stuck!”

But I do like irony. And I enjoy tongue-in-cheek / make-ya’-think. So I went ahead and made a comment when my wife and I saw Al Gore on the news the other night, commentators guessing he may not try to walk on political red carpet again now that he’s taken a stroll on entertainment’s red carpet. As stewards of the planet God is lending us, we shouldn’t be reckless, but I mean – really.

I remember one day coming out of the hospital, having called on a church-goer. It was too early to be Spring but it sure felt like it. Sunny, calm, temps WAY-above normal, the kind of day that where I drove with my windows down and sun-roof open, and no apologies.  A nurse who had also ridden the elevator down to the lobby and was headed home smiled a little as we stepped into the beautiful out of doors, “In a couple hundred years we’ll have to do something about this global warming,” she said, “but right now it feels really good!” I laughed out loud; couldn’t help it!

I shook my head and chuckled again to day when I read THIS article by a scientist who considers “An Inconvenient Truth” more science fiction than science. See why I don’t get all worked up about this? So much we’re not being told by the media these days – or should I say so much we’re being sold?!

There will be Global Warming, though. You know that, right? It will be rather sudden, and rather severe. You can read about it in Revelation 20.7-10. I think the word would be “catastrophic”. Being rightly-aligned will be “rather important” at that point. I’m glad God encourages us to take care of that matter sooner, not later.


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