Four Reasons I Ask God First

It’s that time of year when you hear people everywhere telling about the bargains they find. Listen carefully and you’ll learn where they find them, comparisons of where to shop, online versus in-store shopping.  All of it.

In a quiet moment last night I pictured lightly drawn parallel lines between Christmas shopping and every day life.  In truth, we “shop” all year every year for things tangible and intangible.

I know people who would trade all the gifts they’ll unwrap for peace at home. People who would rather hear  “you’re forgiven”, “you’re hired” or “you’re healthy again” than any other phrase. People who would rather hold a baby -their own- more than the best diamond you can find. People who would gladly forgo all this season’s trappings if they could be assured they’ll recover from the consequences of a costly decision. You won’t find any of those things at the mall or online.  But God stocks them, and in His perfect time He delivers. Ours is but to ask.

So here are four reasons I ask God first:

1. Heaven is always open; no such thing as after-hours there.

2. God’s warehouse is adequately stocked. No back-orders. Ever.

3. He never ships the wrong thing.

4. His delivery is on time, never late, and He pays the shipping.

Pray confidently.  Pray first.

Enjoy the season, but be gentle with those for whom this Christmas is hard.

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  1. Dave

    Isn’t it also comforting to know that what God supplies is perfect, without blemish or need of batteries or special tools. Phil, thanks for the wonderful reminder at this time of year.

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