Five Things…

Welll, I’ve been tagged.

I’m it. I remember playing tag after church on Sunday nights when I was a kid. I loved running and dodging and barely escaping the person who was “it”. I hated being tagged. I did NOT want to be it, not ever. But I was, plenty of times.

Blessed1 wants to know 5 things I dig about Jesus. (don’t blame me for the name – I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “dig” in connection with Jesus, but I’ll leave it. ) I never do these. I delete them and move on. But this one says “TELL Somebody!”

If Jairus could, if Peter could, if the Centurion could, and the blind man did —even though Jesus told him not to tell a soul—, if the women couldn’t wait to tell somebody that first resurrection morning . . . How can I not?

Here goes:
My 5 things I dig about Jesus, the things I love most about Him, am in awe of about Him, am indebted to Him for are:

1) He spoke the world into existence and keeps things in balance day after day after day after…. without fail.

2) He knows me. He made me so understands me. His love toward me transcends the limits of my understanding.

3) He came to Earth the same way we all do, lived as man for thirty-three years so I can always say “He knows what I’m facing, He’s been here” and then talk to Him about whatever it is, as an adult son. When I need to talk with Him I never have to take a number or listen to elevator music while I’m on hold. He’s right there, ready to hear me.

4) He died. For me. He became sin for me (and for you, if you’ve not placed your faith in Him for salvation there’s more on that here). He proved once and for all that He is more than sin and death and hell can handle. He has His uniform and armor ready for his return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. (I’m glad I’m on HIS side!! – it isn’t going to be pretty.)

5) He forgives. He said the words and He lived the verb. “Neither do I condemn you.” “Father, forgive them; they don’t know what they’re doing.” “No, Peter, not seven, seventy TIMES seven.” He smiles when we grasp the concept, follow His lead, and extend the same grace to the people we know; not as some license or indulgence, but as expensive, couldn’t-cost-anyone-any-more grace. It’s love in its highest form. And He taught us how – is teaching me how.

To me “dig” seems like a pretty shallow word for things so remarkable and overwhelming. Does it you?

But they’re true – my five are the short list at the beginning of one much longer. I owe Jesus Christ my everything.

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  1. marie

    Beautiful! Kinda reminds me of a story about a baby chipmunk who needed deliverance… 😀

    Seriously, I enjoyed reading your reasons for “digging” Jesus. He is EVERYTHING and we do owe Him EVERYTHING!

    I don’t mind the word “dig”. Compared to some of the words the youth use today, at least I know what it means! 🙂



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