Fathers Day Tribute – Richard R Ransom 1933 – 2002

You know you had a great dad –RRR young - fender

  • When you quote him years after he’s gone.
  • When his phrases permeate your vocabulary.
  • When his Socratic way is part of how you parent and disciple.
  • When you’d rather sing harmony than melody – because you like the results.
  • When you tell stories and jokes, not because this person hasn’t heard this one, but because it’s a great story and you love to laugh.
  • When you practice aloud when you’re going to speak, because it’s important that your words flow smoothly.
  • When prayer’s dialogue threads its way through your day, not just morning and night.
  • When you take greater delight in your kids’ accomplishments than your own.
  • When love is why you do what you do and excellent is hRRRansom - Readingow you do it.


Thanks Dad, for influencing me more than anyone on Earth, and second to only One other in Heaven.

Phil –

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