Faith, Hope and Gratitude

Faith.  Hope.  Gratitude.

They travel together, these three, and riding with them can be a sweaty-palmed, white-knuckle ride!


Asking his girlfriend’s dad permission to marry his daughter was personally historic. Now to ask her face to face.  He carefully chose the best scenario that would make it easy for her to say yes, and be a great story to tell for years to come.  Today’s the day.  He believes she will say yes.  He’s confident she will.  But he’s a bundle of nerves.  Only after he hears her “Yes!” will he dare to relax.

“Thank you for saying yes” will be a recurring theme from that moment forward.

Faith, followed by hope, ending with gratitude.


In these challenging times when many are looking for work, we who look for employment find ourselves applying for everything we know we’d enjoy, and for jobs be believe we could do well if given the opportunity (even those not all that exciting).  We’re hopeful as we move through the interview process.  And when that future boss extends a hand and smiles “Welcome to the team,” we hear ourselves say two words before any others.

Thank you.

It’s Faith, Hope and Gratitude –


It’s been uphill and challenging.  Recovering from the pile up early in the race has taken every ounce of energy he can muster.  Skill, strategy and sheer determination have urged him through the other cyclists and he’s now ready to challenge the leader.  He pedals harder than he’s ever pedalled, silently begging his bike not to let him down.

Pushing the limits of strength and physics, “it’ll never happen” becomes reality.  The odds give way to victory!

TV cameras and reporter’s microphones ready, we’re not at all surprised to hear him say “I’m so thankful . . . ”

Faith.  Hope.  Gratitude.


When you’re sitting in the waiting room longer than you expected, you pace.  You can’t help but pace.  It’s not that you’re worried,  it’s just that the energy and expectation won’t let you sit still.

The family looks up expectantly as the surgeon walks into the waiting room.  Everyone’s reading her eyes, her body language, searching for non-verbal confirmation that all is well as they wait for her to speak.

She smiles, “She’s doing fine, the blockages were more serious than the pictures showed on one artery, but we took care of them all, including that one.  She’s going to be fine. She’ll be in recovery for another hour and a half or two, then we’ll bring her back to her room.”  Then to her husband she smiles “You married a fighter, Sir.  She’s going to be fine.”

“We’ve been praying like crazy.  Doctor,”  he extends his hand, “thank you.  Thank you so much.”

Faith.   Hope.   Gratitude.


Are you at the beginning of one of life’s adventures?  Maybe one imposed on you?
Have faith.

In the middle, wondering how this is all going to end up?
Hold on.  Don’t lose hope.

Coming to the end of one of life’s wild rides?  Amazed at what God just did?
Don’t forget to say “Thanks” before you say anything else.

Faith.   With  Hope.  And  Gratitude.

Don’t be afraid to ride with them – life with these three is a rush!


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  1. Joyce Bonnett

    Yes, I can see that! You’ve truly been on one of those wild rides this year. Thanks for sharing your heart here, and with us each Sunday. You are one in a million, and we will miss you greatly.

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