I love the word “expedite”. Capitalizing the X in the verb reminds me how good it feels to put a line through a task. Finish a job ahead of schedule. Get it done. Enjoy the satisfaction of a task completed and tackle the next.

expedite  (ˈɛkspɪˌdaɪt)
1. to hasten the progress of; hasten or assist
2. to do or process (something, such as business matters) with speed and efficiency
3. rare  to dispatch (documents, messages, etc)
4. unimpeded or prompt; expeditious
5. alert or prepared

“Handle your mail – ONCE  Read it or toss it, but don’t let it sit around.”  is such good advice.

“Walk with me and let’s talk,  It’s that or take a number, and who knows how long THAT might take?!”  Leslie Marshal used to say, a pre-school director colleague in Tucson. Answering a question right away helped keep her to-do list short.

Doing something now rather than putting it off -again- helps us feel better about most everything. Some things simply have to wait (one of the down-sides of being over-ambitious) but for me, scheduling a task, ie. do this in September, lessens that sense of lagging immediacy that makes a person want to take a 20-year nap.  I have a theory about why Rip VanWinkle took a nap in the first place, but I can’t prove it.   😀

Most of the clutter in my life is the result of decisions to “do it later”; eXpedite helps remove the clutter.

Time to wrap this up and expedite today’s tasks!

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  1. Jonell

    How do I handle it, when I’m the secretary and those I work for are great procrastinators … oh let’s just say, “Somedays, I wish I worked for you!” 🙂

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