I know, I’m old enough I shouldn’t get all excited about things . . . but I am!

  • Mom is flying in tomorrow afternoon and will be here for Bethany’s wedding. It’s been a lonnnng time since I’ve seen her and I can hardly wait!
  • Bethany’s marrying a champion of a guy Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t be happier – or prouder.
  • Brenda looks AWEsome in the dress she’s wearing for the wedding.   Stand back, you all!  😀
  • Jared and Meagan are driving in tomorrow and I’m looking forward to hearing the gentle strains of his guitar, the happy sounds of their laughter… ut-oh, I forgot to ask him to bring his guitar. I hope he does!
  • The new job is looking better every day and the folks at GE Healthcare are being way-classy about my transition out.

Lord – I just have one thing to say.
Thank you. You’re TOO kind sometimes! I love You.

4 Replies to “EXCITED !”

  1. expreacherman

    Phil and bunch,

    I put Mom on the plane just about three hours ago.. and she is excited.

    Just sorry I cannot be there.

    Praying that everything about the wedding and the peripheral events will honor the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Hug everyone for me and send Mom back to me in good shape…

    My best to Bethany and Karl.

    Love you guys,


  2. Vonnie

    Dear big brother,
    I’m so glad for you and your family! It’s hard being home when all the rest of the “Ransoms” are together, but God knows best. Hearing your voice and Mom’s on the phone Saturday morning was a real treat for me!
    As you slow down this week enjoy re-living the past weekend and all the special moments. I look forward to seeing some of them here!
    Love you,
    little sis, Vonnie

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