When I look at the life God has given me

The question is not

“Is my cup half full or half empty?”






The question is

“Is He enough?”



4 Replies to “Enough”

  1. Jonell

    Yes, He is enough!

    I know this is an old post, but had to comment.

    I’ve also heard it put this way: “The way you look at a glass (whether half empty or half full) depends on it you are the one drinking, or the one pouring.

    Thankfully, it’s God pouring into our glass, giving us strength for each day and His mercies are new every morning! Great is His faithfulness!


  2. Phil

    Whether it’s been two years since we’ve visited this post,
    Twenty years since we’ve thought about it,
    Thousands of years since it first became true,
    It’s still true.

    God is enough.


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