Encouraging Outlook

Knowing how challenging it can be to write clearly how a church looks at its Sunday worship services, I found this paragraph very encouraging.   Not too heady or intellectual, not aloof,  just right.  (Plus I happen to agree with this approach to Sunday mornings):   

Sunday Morning Worship Service: celebrates the coming together of  ___________  Church family to worship our Father, grow in our faith, and fellowship as a body.  The service mirrors the diversity of the Church; drawing the best of both historic and contemporary expressions of worship.  In addition to music, prayer and the proclamation of God’s word play an integral part in the worship that is offered to our God.


Take a few seconds and read it again . . .  

What stands out to you?  I welcome your comments and discussion . . .


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  1. Phil

    Me too. A pastor who brings his best into the pulpit is worshiping just as hard as the soloist who pours it all on the altar — only for 40 minutes instead of 4 😉

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