Did You Know?

You’ve heard about President Bush’s veto of the spending bill to fund the war against terrorism in Iraq.  You’ve heard the prevailing reason as well; the concern of mandated troop-withdrawal deadlines. 

 I wonder if there were a few billion more reasons?  Like 13,200,000,000 of them?  Did you see this?

May 1, 5:26 PM (ET)

By The Associated Press

Congress added money not requested by President Bush for the following programs in the 2007 Iraq war spending bill:

_$3.5 billion for Gulf Coast hurricane recovery.

_$3.5 billion for disaster farm aid.

_$2.25 billion for homeland security, including airport, border and cargo container screening.

_$2 billion for military readiness.

_$1.8 billion for veterans health care.

_$949 million for Afghanistan.

 _$663 million for pandemic flu preparedness

_$650 million for low-income children’s health care.

_$500 million for fighting wildfires.

_$425 million for rural schools.

_$400 million for low-income heating assistance.

_$150 million for the FBI.


13.2 billion of the 124.2 billion-dollar bill was added-on.  That’s 10.7%. 

Hmmmmm. . .   Remind me how this works when it comes time to submit my proposals for next year’s ministry budget, will you, please?  This could come in handy!  (Like it has a prayer . . . ) 

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