Determination – A great reaction / response

When was the last time something happened to you that first surprised and disheartened you –
– but quickly turned to resolve and determination?

Yesterday? This morning? Last week?

It happens all the time on the basketball court: An opponent steals the ball or swipes a rebound and in an instant everything changes. Turnover.

It happens at work too. At church. At home. With City Hall (seems to be especially acute when a church is planning to build or expand, for some reason).

Something happens that surprises you.
A turnover.
Your heart falls.

Then almost miraculously, you catch sight of the Savior and remember that none of this is taking HIM by surprise. You remind yourself to look at all this through HIS eyes. Right-this-instant defers to His greater purposes, and before you know it, the surprise mixed with fear and anger you were feeling turns to determination; God-fearing, Christ-centered determination.

I saw it happen again this week. Maybe helped it happen; I hope so.
And I tell you it’s sweet when that happens. Doesn’t make life any easier, necessarily, but there’s sure a lot more hope when Christ is playing point guard and calling the plays

I’m so glad I’m on HIS team, wearing His colors!

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