Core Values

Do you notice organization and ministry core values? I do. Core values show me the end result of what was probably some spirited discussion, perhaps long hours of prayer, contemplation, thought, perhaps some debate. Lately I’ve asked myself, “Since Vibrance and Phil are pretty much synonymous at this point, what are your core values?”

Core values are closely related to a person or organization’s mission statement but slightly more detailed. I thought about it awhile, catching my thoughts on the pad next to me for several days, then put them all in one place, revised and edited a few times, and have come up with a near-final draft. I’m glad Jerry Jenkins drilled it in (his was one of my absolute favorite grad classes) “We have to be better re-writers than writers to be good writers”, otherwise I’d be one frustrated wordsmith by now. Re-writes are tedious, even with things like lists – important lists like core values. These are close enough to final to share, provided you don’t squawk if I edit and tweak some more after a while. By the way, if a Scripture comes to mind about one or more of these – I’m open! If you think I’ve overlooked something, don’t be shy; I appreciate insightful thoughts and suggestions. OK, here goes:

Core Values

Intentionality and Purpose. I am here to equip and prepare God’s people for works of service for the benefit of the body of Christ… unity, maturity, completeness. Eph. 4.11-16, 2. Tim 2.2.

Trust. Implicit trust in God for everything, every need. Phil. 4.19, 1 Pt. 5.7, Heb. 2.10-15, 11.6, Eph. 3.20-21.

Prayer. Always. In everything. Confidently dependent on God. 1 Pt. 5.5-10, Acts 2.42.

Abiding in Christ. Drawing from the Vine my every supply, accepting that He takes responsibility for my fruitfulness, mine is to draw my life from Him, ever, only, always. John 15.

Obedient Living. Living as a friend of Jesus’ obeying His commands, staying in touch with Him (above) John 14.15, 15.14, James 1.25

Skillful Teaching – for life-change. It’s my responsibility, it’s my privilege. But if nothing happens in the lives of my students, I’m off the mark. 2 Tim. 2.2, Matt 28.20, 1 Pt. 5.1-4, James 3.1-2, 17-18.

Effective writing – also for life-change. I enjoy when my words say it just-right. I rejoice when something from my pen encourages someone to do the right thing, or helps someone through a difficult place in life. My words will be positive whenever possible, forthright when necessary, always with gentleness. Lighthearted without apology, because joy is a wonderful thing. Heb. 10.24, 1 Tim. 1.5, Philemon 1.21, Jude 1.3, 2 John 1.12, 3 John 1.13-14, Proverbs. So much in Proverbs about words.

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