Constant Repentance

Sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn’t it?

Repentance means a change of mind or direction and is usually associated with a 180-degree turn around. If I’m constantly turning around I’m never going to get ANYwhere! 😀

If we’re talking major life-direction, that would be true, but I’m thinking today of those distractions that turn my head. Those un-fruitful, non-productive tangents that have nothing to do with anything, really, except my curiosity or my old-nature. Those deserve a 180-degree treatment. “No, not that, this!”

Does that ever happen to you? Happens to me all the time! (I thought about keeping count for a whole day, but that would have been non-productive too – had to tell myself “no”.)

So I do repent. Change my mind. All the time. Constantly. “No, not that, THIS!”

For me the key is deciding before a thought becomes an action. Last March I mentioned in my post “Ministry Balance” that it’s like corrective steering; constantly adjusting to honor God by not drifting off-course. I’m as human as you are, though, and now and then I look around and realize I’m not where I thought I was. I wasn’t paying attention and now I’ve missed my exit.

I use a GPS unit in my travels for work. I cringe every time it says “Off route.” But it always follows that with “Recalculating” and provides instructions to get me back on track. It’s best if I stay on course so none of that extra effort, time lost, frustration endured, is necessary. When I hear that “Off-route”, it’s usually because I’m in unfamiliar surroundings or wasn’t paying attention. Regardless the reason, the best thing I can do is change MY mind when I hear that cue, and do whatever the program tells me to do to get me back on course.

So how’s this work in life? Let’s pick one. I’m a patient person, but every now and then I find myself in a test or temptation (it’s hard to tell the difference when you’re in the middle of it – ever notice that?) If I’m driving along and another driver does something “less-than-considerate” (how’s that for being kind?) I have a choice. I can react, or I can chose not to react. It’s always a good idea to quit tailgating after a while so road-rage doesn’t get completely out of hand, but the best thing is to decide not-to before a thought becomes revengeful driving. Driving is more enjoyable when I repent (change my mind) while things are still in the thought stage.

You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?
The Bible is our Atlas for life (only it’s never needed a software update).
The Holy Spirit living within constantly guides and directs.
The closer I pay attention to Him, the better things go.
When I do I hear Him say “off-route” the best thing I can do is pay attention and do what He says. Usually it’s something I read in the Word or something my conscience is trying to tell me.
Jesus is quick to remind me that though I’m prone to wander (we all are – Is. 53.6) He’s already taken care of this latest offense. I find that reassuring, don’t you?

For me, “Constant Repentance” is another word for “Yield”.
How’s it work for you?

Selah ~

2 Replies to “Constant Repentance”

  1. babacon

    I see that so often in my own life. My natural, human tendancy is to go off course. One man (I don’t remember who) spoke of daily preaching to himself. That, in daily life, I must preach to myself the truths of scripture so that I am aware of when I’m drifting off course. Praise be to God, who keeps us sensitive!
    Very thought stimulating post!

  2. Phil

    Thanks for stopping by and for your insightful comment!

    The Truth is a lot like North as we move through life, isn’t it. If we always know where it is we know how we need to adjust.

    I hope you’ll stop in again…

    Phil ~

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