Constant Improvement

If you’re in a manufacturing organization that thinks highly of the LEAN mindset, you already know that LEAN is the constant pursuit of excellence through the relentless pursuit and elimination of waste in process and product quality. (My paraphrase).

If you recognize the term “Kaizen” you may remember that it’s the Japanese (as in Toyota) term for constant and steady improvement. It’s most prevalent in the manufacturing process, but it applies to other venues as well.

If you’re a gardener you know how important dead-heading is. If you want more blooms, it’s important to clip away the flowers that have expired, so the plant makes more flowers instead of sending its energy to making seed pods etc. You also know that pruning unproductive sprigs will make for a healthier plant, more blooms, more fruit.

If you’re an athlete, you know that just before you go out onto the field or floor, you peel off your warm ups so you’re free to move un-incumbered and your opponent has difficulty grasping your uniform. If you’re in cross country or track and field you want to be as light as you can possibly be.

“Is this biblical?” you ask.  Absolutely.  It’s consistent with John 15 and with 2 Cor 3.18’s “from glory to glory” or “bit by bit”. It’s growth in the interest of moving from 30-fold to 60-fold to 100-fold fruitfulness. Most changes don’t come in the twinkling of an eye. Most come as the result of decisions made and carried out over time.

As I’ve applied these terms and their counterparts to life over the years, I’ve come to look forward to both short-term improvement and long-term gains!

Try them out in everyday life:  A LEAN mindset. Kaizen. Dead-heading. Traveling light.  You’ll love the difference they make in your walk with God!

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