Christmas 2011

I’ll keep this simple today. Life has been coming our way pell-mell-tumble-bumble, to borrow from a children’s story we used to read, but in mostly good ways this time.

Have a blessed Christmas,  I’m saying this year, for blessed is truly what I am – what Brenda and I are – as we enjoy this season.

Our ministry with Calvary Memorial Church in Gering, NE  is strong and growing.  We’re in pretty good health.  Out kids are enjoying life and ministry – though too far away, it seems. Ours is a comfortable home, and we both have work. God is providing. At long last, we’re debt free, except for the house, (Now I can tell some of those stories as past-tense when teaching Financial Peace University at church – and I have to tell you, it feels great!)

The best part of today is that we have one Christmas service remaining this morning, and this afternoon we board an airplane, off to visit family for 10 days!   There’s a new little granddaughter we’ve not seen since September and we’ve got some catching up to do in the “spoil her big-time”  department!

Gary’s thoughts this Christmas season are perfect – I’m going to borrow them for here (hope I’ve got his words intact)

Jesus had to do several things to make salvation possible; it’s good for us to remember them.

He had to leave Heaven in order to be born,
He had to be born in order to .
He had to be a man in order to die.
He had to die in order to rise again.
He had to rise again in order to conquer death.
He had to conquer death in order to defeat Satan.
He had to defeat Satan so he could save YOU!

We remember one part – a precious part – of the whole sequence this season, but let’s always remember Christmas is one segment of God’s greater plan, and that plan is for you to have life; abundant life, with Him as the author of it all.  Can’t beat that!

So have a blessed Christmas, and a happy (for some of you a happier) new year!

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