Campaign story – just for fun

One of my favorite memories abot growing up was that my family enjoyed telling jokes and funny stories. It was almost a family art-form, we enjoyed it so much. “Have you heard this one?” was frequently met with “yes, but tell it anyway”.

My Grand-mother Jones didn’t tell as many as others, but hers always carried a subtle lesson or maybe a little barb to get us thinking. Today I was thinking about our country, and praying as I walked back and forth across the yard following the lawn mower. Ours is a half-acre, so it’s a good 2 hour walk, sometimes longer.

It started to rain on me today and I smiled as I tried to decide if I should quit or not, a story Grandma Jones told came to mind. It must be 15 – 20 years ago I heard her tell it so this isn’t verbatim, but its close.

Two politicians were coming down to election day and every day was important. Papers said they were pretty much tied and it could be anyone’s race. So this one day they were in front of the court house (can’t campaign inside, but you can on the front lawn) shaking hands with everybody they could. After a while it started to sprinkle. Neither of them flinched. Then little more. They put their flyers under a couple umbrellas to keep ’em dry, but kept shaking hands with people – or trying to. Most hurried past them to get inside. Then one ol’ gal breezed past them, covering her hair-do with a newspaper. She said (wish it wouldda been me) “No… I’m not voting for ANYone who doesn’t know enough to come in out of the rain.”

Now why did I remember that today after all these years? – Who knows….
Hope it brought a smile just the same.

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