Bear One Another’s Burdens

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“Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

What does it mean to “bear one another’s burdens?

We received a call from a friend’s wife yesterday afternoon, that her husband had to make a big decision regarding his business and wondered if my husband would go to his office and be a friend and encourager and sounding board for him. Of course we jumped at the chance to be of help. My husband dropped me off at the wife’s house and we talked it through together from the side of support. Later the guys came back and we ordered pizza.

Now today the decision still has to be made and we talked with them again after church.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary reads: “This obliges to mutual forbearance and compassion towards each other. It becomes us to bear one another’s burdens, as fellow-travellers.”

John Wesley writes: “Sympathize with, and assist, each other, in all your weaknesses, grievances, trials.”

BW Johnson’s Bible Commentary says this: “Help each other, sustain each other; if you see one about to stumble under his burden, hold him up.

We need to bear one another’s burdens. We need to reach out to others, to care when they are hurting, let them know we are praying for them, let them know we are there to listen, and we pray with them. We walk through the hard times with them, knowing that it might take some time for them to get back on their feet. So, that is what we are doing with our friends, we came along-side to help, to pray, to encourage, and even after we came home, we continue to be concerned for them, and bring them and their decision process to the Lord in prayer.

I can only thank God for the many times someone came along side me and helped me, and now it is my turn to reach out and get involved in someone else’s life and bear their burdens.

God is good to give us family and friends to help us and also others whom we can help!

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