Be Alert!

Though it’s been years, I still smile at the saying a high-school buddy of mine drew on his notebook (remember those blue, fabric-covered 3-ring binders we all used to carry?)

He drew one of the smiley faces we liked (at first) in the 70’s and then his little saying:


Be alert

America needs more lerts


We do need to be on the alert – always. What we sometimes forget, though, is that we need to stay alert even when things are going well. Maybe I should say “especially” when things are going well – which they are here at Calvary right now. Attendance is up. God is providing for us financially. We’re making some physical improvements to our facility. People are growing spiritually. Life Groups are strong and steadily growing. There’s a sense of expectancy everywhere you look.

This is precisely when we need to keep our heads up. Be alert. We have an Enemy. He’s relentless. He’s got a pretty good sense of timing, And He’s a cheap-shot artist. He’ll play dirty if it’ll take you out; he doesn’t care. Just when things are looking great, just when we start to feel confident God is doing some really great things – SMACK! The enemy can hit, and that without warning.

So when all of a sudden, temptation is staring you in the face, don’t be surprised. It could be because you’re living for the Lord and your effectiveness has gotten the enemy’s attention. (He doesn’t have to worry as much about Christians who aren’t doing anything anyway.)

Be alert.

Your church needs more lerts!

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