B.C. Christmas Day

BC - Christmas Day

Even the cave man got it right.

(Click the thumbnail to see it full-size, then your browser’s back-arrow to return.)


Thank you, Johnny Hart, for this cartoon think-piece on Christmas day.


2 Replies to “B.C. Christmas Day”

  1. Sharla

    I love your header picture and the description of it. You are blessed. Encouraged to learn more about your family….oh, if there is still a Greek Professor at Wheaton named Dr. Lansma, ask your son to tell him hi from a couple who loved him a lot, “me and Cameron”. We named our daughter after his daughter based on one double date we had with Dr. Lansma, his wife and daughter while she was taking ice skating lessons. Great family and incredible professor…one of Cameron’s favorites from Moody while Lansma taught there in Chicago.

  2. Phil

    Maria – you’re always welcome here. Thanks for letting me know you’ve been by!

    Thanks, Sharla, God is GOOD. I’ve heard of Dr. Lansma, but doubt we’ll connect, since Jare’s at Cornerstone and he’s at Wheaton. It’s good to read of his influence in your lives, though. Someday people like us will be the “older / influencers”, so it’s good to remember how much they impacted US.

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